All-Time Roster of Jewish Major Leaguers

The players names are followed by their position, their years of service in the big leagues and the teams for which they played. (P) indicates a Jewish father, (M) indicates a Jewish mother and (C) indicates a player who converted to Judaism while still active. We thank the authors of the Encyclopedia of Jews in Sport (BERNARD POSTAL (deceased), JESS SILVER and ROY SILVER) New York, N.Y. 1965 and DAVID SPANER, who researched and wrote the chapter on Jewish baseball players for Total Baseball, Viking press, without whose input this article would not have been possible.

Cal Abrams, OF, 1949-56, Bklyn, Cincy, Pitt, Balt, Chi-AL.
Lloyd Allen (C), P, 1969-75 California, Texas, Chicago-AL.
Ruben Amaro, Jr. (M), OF, 1991-98 Calif, Phila, Cleve, Phila.
Morrie Arnovich, OF, 1936-41, 1946 Philadelphia-NL, Cincinatti, New York-NL.
Brad Ausmus (M), C, 1993-present SD, Detroit, Houston, Detroit, Houston.
Jesse Baker (Michael Silverman), SS, 1919 Washington.
Brian Bark, P, 1995 Boston.
Ross Baumgarten, P, 1978-82, Chicago-AL, Pittsburgh.
Joe Bennett (Rosenblum), 3B, 1923-Philadelphia-NL.
Moe Berg, C, 1923, 1926-39 Bklyn, Chi-AL, Cleve, Wash, Bost-AL.
Nathan Berkenstock, OF, 1871 Philadelphia-NL.
Bob Berman, C, 1918 Washington.
Cy Block, 3B/2B, 1942, 1945-46 Chicago-NL.
Ron Blomberg, DH/1B/OF, 1969, 1971-76 New York AL, Chicago-AL.
Sammy Bohne (Cohen), 2B/SS/3B, 1916, 1921-26 St. Lou-NL, Cincy, Bklyn.
Henry Bostick (Lifsit), 3B, 1915 Philadelphia-AL.
Lou Brower, SS, 1931 Detroit.
Conrad Cardinal, P, 1963 Houston.
Frank Charles, C, 2000, Houston.
Harry Chozen, C, 1937 Cincinnati.
Tony Cogan, P, 2001, Kansas City.
Alta Cohen, OF, 1931-33 Brooklyn, Philadelphia-NL.
Andy Cohen, 2B, 1926-29 New York-NL.
Hy Cohen, P 1955 Chicago-NL.
Sid Cohen, P, 1934, 1936-37 Washington.
Richard Conger, P, 1940-43 Detroit, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia-NL.
Phil Cooney (Cohen), 3B, 1905, New York-AL.
Ed Corey (Cohen), P, 1918 Chicago-AL.
Bill Cristall, P, 1901 Cleveland.
Harry Danning, C, 1933-42 New York-NL.
Ike Danning, C, 1928 St. Louis.
Harry Eisenstat, P, 1935-42 Brooklyn, Detroit, Cleveland.
Mike Epstein, 1B, 1966-74 Baltimore, Washington, Oakland, California.
Reuben Ewing (Cohen), SS, 1921 St. Louis-NL.
Al Federoff, 2B, 1951-52 Detroit.
Eddie Feinberg, SS/2B/OF, 1938-39 Philadelphia-NL.
Harry Feldman, P, 1941-46, New York-NL (converted to Christianity after retiring).
Samuel Fishburn, SS/1B/2B, Reading-IL, St. Louis.
Leo Fishel, P, 1899 New York-NL.
Happy Foreman, P, 1924, 1926 Chicago-AL, Boston-AL.
Micah Franklin (M), OF, 1997 St. Louis.
Murray Franklin, SS/2B, 1941-42 Detroit.
Milt Galatzer, OF, 1933-36, 1939 Cleveland, Cincinnati.
Mark Gilbert, OF, 1985 Chicago-AL.
Joe Ginsberg, C, 1948, 1950-54, 1956-62 Det, Cleve, Balt, Chi-AL, Bos-AL, NY-NL.
Keith Glauber, P, 1998 Cincinnati.
Jonah Goldman, SS/3B, 1928, 1930-31 Cleveland.
Izzy Goldstein, P, 1932 Detroit.
Jake Goodman, 1B, 1878, 1882 Milwaukee-NL, Pittsburgh-AA.
Greg Goosen (P), 1B/C, 1965-70 NY-NL, Seattle, Milw-AL, Wash..
Sid Gordon, OF/3B, 1941-43,1946-55 NY-NL, Boston-NL, Milw-NL, Pitt.
Herb Gorman, OF, 1952 St. Louis-NL.
Shawn Green, OF, 1993-present, Toronto, Los Angeles.
Hank Greenberg, 1B/OF, 1930,1933-41, 1945-47 Detroit, Pittsburgh.
Eric Helfand, C, 1993-95 Oakland.
Steve Hertz, 3B, 1964 Houston.
Ken Holtzman, P, 1965-79 Chicago-NL, Oakland, Baltimore, New York-AL.
Skip Jutze, (C), C, 1972-77 St. Louis, Houston, Seattle.
Harry Kane (Cohen), P, 1902-03, 1905-06 St. Louis, Detroit, Philadelphia.
Gabe Kapler, OF, 1998-present, Texas.
Herb Karpel, P, 1946 New York-AL.
Alan Koch, P, 1963-64 Detroit, Washington.
Brian Kowitz, OF, 1995 Atlanta.
Mike Koplove, P, 2001-present, Arizona.
Sandy Koufax, P, 1955-66 Brooklyn, Los Angeles-NL.
Barry Latman, P, 1957-67 Chi-AL, Cleve, LA-AL, Calif, Hou.
Jim Levey, SS, 1930-33 St. Louis-AL.
Alan Levine, P, 1996, 1998-present, Chicago, Texas, Anaheim.
Jesse Levis, C, 1992-99 Cleveland, Tampa Bay, Milwaukee, Cleveland.
Mike Lieberthal, (P), C, 1994-present, Philadelphia.
Lou Limmer, 1B, 1951, 1954 Philadelphia-AL.
Andrew Lorraine, P, 1994-95, 1997-2000, 2002, Phila-AL, Oakland, Seattle, Chi-NL, Cleve, Mil.
Elliott Maddox (C) OF/2B,1970-80 Det, Wash, Tex, NY-AL, Balt, NY-NL.
Cy Malis, P, 1934 Philadelphia-NL.
Maxie Manuel, P, 1905, 1908 Washington, Chicago-AL.
Duke Markell (Harry Makowsky), P, 1951 St. Louis-AL.
Jason Marquis, P, 2000-present, Atlanta
Ed Mayer, P, 1957-58 Chicago-NL.
Erskine Mayer, P,1912-19 Philadelphia-NL, Chicago-AL.
Sam Mayer, OF/P, 1915 Washington.
Ed Mensor, P, 1912-1914 Pittsburgh.
Mike Milchin (P), P, 1996 Minnesota, Baltimore, LA-NL.
Norm Miller, OF, 1965-74 Houston, Atlanta.
Buddy Myer (P), 2B/SS/3B, 1925-41 Washington, Boston-AL.
Sam Nahem, P, 1938, 1941-42, 1948 Brooklyn, St. Louis-NL, Philadelphia-NL.
David Newhan, 2B, 1999 San Diego.
Jeff Newman (C), C, 1976-84, Oakland, Boston.
Barney Pelty, P, 1903-12, St. Louis-AL, Washington.
Jacob Pike, OF, 1877, Hartford-NL.
Lipman Pike, OF/2B, 1871-78, 1881, 1887 Troy-NA, Balt-NA, Hartford-NA, St. Louis-NA, St. Louis-NL, Cincy-NL, Providence-NL,, Worcester-NL, NY-AA.
Jake Pitler, 2B, 1917-18 Pittsburgh.
Scott Radinsky (M), P, 1990-93, 1995-2001, Chi-AL, Los Angeles, St. Louis, Clevelans.
Steve Ratzer, P, 1980-81 Montreal.
Jimmy Reese (Solomon), 2B, 1930-32 New York-AL, St. Louis.
Al Richter, SS, 1951, 1953 Boston-AL.
Dave Roberts (P), P, 1969-81, SD, Hous, Det, Chi-NL, SF, Pitt, Seattle, NY-NL.
Saul Rogovin, P, 1949-53, 1955-57, Det, Chi-AL, Balt, Phila-NL.
Al Rosen, 3B, 1947-56 Cleveland.
Goody Rosen, OF, 1937-39,1944-46, Brooklyn, New York-NL.
Harry Rosenberg, OF, 1930 New York-NL.
Lou Rosenberg, 2B, 1923 Chicago-AL.
Steve Rosenberg, P, 1988-91 Chicago-AL, San Diego.
Max Rosenfeld, OF, 1931-33 Brooklyn.
Si Rosenthal, OF, 1925-26 Boston-AL.
Wayne Rosenthal, P, 1991-92 Texas.
Marv Rotblatt, P, 1948, 1950-51 Chicago-AL.
Larry Rothschild (P), P, 1981-82 Detroit.
Mickey Rutner, 3B, 1947 Philadelphia-AL.
Mike Saipe, P, 1998 Colorado.
Ike Samuels, 3B/SS, 1895 St. Louis-NL.
Roger Samuels, P, 1988-89 San Francisco, Pittsburgh.
Moe Savransky, P, 1954 Cincinnati.
Al Schacht, P, 1919-21 Washington.
Sid Schacht, P, 1950-51 St. Louis-AL, Boston-NL.
Hal Schacker, P, 1945 Boston-NL.
Heinie Scheer, 2B/3B, 1922-23, Philadelphia-AL.
Richie Scheinblum, OF, 1965, 1967-74 Cleve, Wash, KC, Cincy, Calif, StL-NL.
Mike Schemer, 1B, 1945-46 New York-NL.
Scott Schoeneweis (M), P, 1999-present Anaheim.
Art Shamsky, OF/1B, 1965-72 Cincinnati, New York-NL, Chicago-NL, Oakland.
Dick Sharon (P), OF, 1973-75 Detroit, San Diego.
Larry Sherry, P, 1958-68 Los Angeles-NL, Detroit, Houston, California.
Norm Sherry, C, 1959-63 Los Angeles-NL, New York-NL.
Harry Shuman, P, 1942-44 Pittsburgh, Philadelphia-NL.
Al Silvera, OF, 1955-56 Cincinnati.
Fred Sington, OF, 1934-39 Washington, Brooklyn (converted to Christianity following his playing days).
Moses Solomon, OF, 1923 New York-NL.
Bill Starr, C, 1935-36 Washington.
Jeff Stember, P, 1980 San Francisco.
Steve Stone, P, 1971-81 San Francisco, Chicago-AL, Chicago-NL, Baltimore.
Bud Swartz, P, 1947 St. Louis-AL.
Don Taussig, OF, 1958, 1961-62 San Francisco, St. Louis-NL, Houston.
Bob Tufts (C), P, 1981-82 San Francisco, Kansas City.
Eddie Turchin, 3B/SS, 1943 Cleveland.
Steve Wapnick, P, 1990-91 Detroit, Chicago-AL.
Justin Wayne, P, 2002, Florida.
Phil Weintraub, 1B/OF, 1933-35, 1937-38, 1944-45 NY-NL, Cincy, Phila-NL.
Ed Wineapple, P, 1929 Washington.
Steve Yeager (C), C, 1972-86 Los Angeles-NL, Seattle.
Larry Yellen, P, 1963-64 Houston.
Guy Zinn, OF, 1911-12, 1914-15 New York-AL, Boston-NL, Baltimore-FL.
Edward Zosky (M), SS/3B, 1991-92, 1995, 1999 Toronto, Florida, Milwaukee.

Players in italics are names that JSR has added to their ongoing list since its initial publication in 1999.
Players in bold are currently active in the major leagues.

What qualifies an athlete to be identified as Jewish for the purpose of inclusion in the Jewish Sports Review?
Our view is an inclusive one. When an athlete’s name appears in all capital letters, it means that he/she has been identified to us as Jewish. When an (M) follows the athletes name, their mother is Jewish, while a (P) indicates that the father is Jewish. An athlete who professes to no faith, but identifies as ethnically Jewish, will also be included. We will include an athlete only if we learn that he or she was raisin in, or converted, to another faith.
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